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What is PAideia?

The word paideia (pie-day-uh) is a Greek word (paideia) meaning “educating the whole.” We seek to partner with parents to help aid in educating the whole student. We believe that all creation gives glory to the Creator; therefore all works of literature, art, music and architecture are studied with Christian principles, more commonly referred to as a Biblical Worldview. We also believe that children learn best in an integrated educational program and for this reason we utilize a chronologically integrated approach to culturative history, humanities, literature, politics and events that are examined sequentially through a four-year study plan.

What then is PAideia’s Vision?

Simply stated…. to serve homeschooling parents. It is PACES’ conviction that parents are called to train up their children and it is the goal of the PAideia Classical Education Program to help facilitate, or partner with the parent, to help the family in this mission.

What is Culturative History?

Culturative History is God’s unfolding purpose for man, in which mankind plays a chief role in the development and transformation of the earth from garden-paradise to the glorious city of God. Cultures are viewed as an essential outworking of mankind’s unique place within God’s creation as an image-bearer of God. Man’s cultural activities grow out of his special relationship to the earth to work and keep it as commanded in Genesis.

Structure of a PACES Week


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