Every successful organization MUST be able to QUICKLY define what success looks like for the company.  The more shareholders understand what success looks like for that company the best the company will thrive.

Can you quickly bring to mind a picture of success in PACES PAideia?

What does success look like at PACES PAideia?

It looks like:

  • a community of families working together to access knowledge in order to create new knowledge;
  • a community of learners engaging in academic and social life to find life-long friends and partners that will hold them accountable for learning and growing every year;
  • a community of parents committed to learning and receiving the education they never could as a child;
  • a community of business partners that network to help each other in business and social goals;
  • a community of accountability partners dedicated to holding each other accountable for spiritual and emotional goals;
  • a community of leaders developing leaders, both in the student body and parent population;
  • a community dedicated to growing the community by reaching out to friends and acquaintances and inviting them to join us in a growing community of learners, and culture changers.

We want to continue to grow this incredible business model but we need you: the community.

Who do you know that would benefit from a PACES PAideia community?

We are seeking possible franchise partners, as well as, interviewing new families.

Please share this incredible plan with someone today.

Mission Statement: provide an environment where parents develop and classically educate their children through classical studies, liberal arts, spiritual enlightenment, leadership, and community building.

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