Community Fellowship

PACES Logo Socail EventsSeveral times each year PACES families come together for social and/or academic special events. Memories, friends, and scholarship are integral parts of PACES PAideia Classical Program.

Sock Hopjennifer muhle and seago

Sock Hop in the fall brings all families together for the best night
of the school year. Poodle skirts and jeans, a live band, swing and line dancing all together, food, games, and unbelievable prizes bring crowds back year after year.

Annual Simulation Days

PAideia campuses come together one day every year to recreate an entire cultural experience of the civilization studied. In Year One,
we build a simulation of a Tabernacle, complete with all furnishings, that is big enough to walk through. In other years projects range from building a cathedral with stained glass windows to a log cabin. The day is a festive one, with costumes, games, and a feast.

International Field Trips

Most years an international trip is planned to coincide with our stud- ies for that year and all are invited to participate.


In late winter a week is devoted to I-Term, a one week collection of intensive classes offered for special interests of our families. Subjects range from Economics to Painting with Oils to Writing Labs. I-Term is fun for younger children, and a life-saver for a teenager lling in a transcript.


Springtime ushers in the loveliest event of the PAideia year. Cotillion is a formal dinner dance for families. After attending four hours of etiquette and ballroom dance classes (included in the price), all stu- dents dress up in exquisite attire for a meal in a formal setting.

Movie Day

Hollywood dictates to our culture, but PAideia teaches students to hold their own and dialogue back. On Movie Day, students come together not to watch a movie, but to dissect and analyze one. Staff memebers train students to recognize the worldview of the producer, to perceive the message he/she is giving behind the dialogue, and analyze the effects of the DSC_2099music and lighting.

PAideia Days

PAideia days are fun, informal social held throughout the year to come together in fellowship and community.

Today your children are drinking of Christian Education through a straw while theyare drinking in the modern culture from a re hydrant.

– David Hicks

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