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PACES PAideia provides a unique learning environment enabling parents to cultivate a student capable of significantly impacting their culture. kaylee and carmeron pianoThrough PACES advanced education, students hone their ability to rapidly analyze large quantities of information and apply this knowledge to real-life scenarios. Confucius once said, “study the past if you would define the future.” Paces instructs the student to identify the culture-changing qualities that developed in past leaders, and shepherds the student in cultivating them from kindergarten to 12th grade. Students shape their culture daily through actively participating in various grassroots political and activist organizations, ultimately producing students actively involved in the betterment of their community and the world at large.

 ~ Brittany Gardner (PACES graduate)

I graduated from PACES at 17 years of age, took college classes and tutored local public high school students in English. I joined the Navy as an 18 year- old in May of 2002 as a Cryptologic Technician baby davis and rachelleInterpretive, and rose to the rank of E-6/CTI1 after six years of active service. During this time I married my husband Alan. Soon we had two children, a son ad a daughter, and I now enjoy being a stay-at-home mom.

The impact of PACES on my life is immeasurable. The well educated, strong women of PACES became like family to me. Through homeschooling and our experiences in PACES, my sister and I became the best of friends. We lost her in a car accident at 18 years of age. I am eternally grateful for all the time we had together. I believe that a good education is a necessary rm foundation for succeeding in life. In the future, I hope to nd a school like PACES to accom- pany me in educating my children.”

~ Bekki Byrum Smith (PACES graduate)

DSC00914“PACES gave me the opportunity to hone my writing and speaking skills to be able to effectively communicate with professors and peers as I continue my education.”

DSC_0216~ Chad Golden (PACES graduate)

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