Developing Leadership

PACES LOGOLeadership development happens everyday, not just in conferences and seminars. Leadership development starts with early childhood and is modeled by parents, teachers, friends, and mentors who care about the life of others more than they care about their own convenience.


The concept of citizenship is an import-
ant component of the PAideia philosophy. Students have an opportunity each class day to contribute to the common good of the school community. This is accomplished by carrying out assigned tasks throughout the day.View More:

Each PAideia student is a citizen of their school and as a student, each is assigned specific jobs that will help campus life. Citizenship jobs also nurture an attitude of giving back and not always receiving, which is another PAideia core value. 

All students (citizens) contribute to the common good of the campus. These jobs may include setting up and taking down chairs and tables, computers and projectors, taking out trash, vacuuming floors, helping with younger students, and assisting with various tasks throughout the day. The Building Liaison assigns tasks to students at the first of the school year, and checks each day to make sure they are completed. If necessary, fines may be accessed to students who fail to uphold their citizen- ship responsibilities.


Student Government

Each fall, A, B,C and D level students have the opportunity to run for a representative position on the student government. Elected by their peers, the student government pro- vides leadership on campus and is identified by red polo shirts. Student Government is a service organization and sponsors mission projects, campus social events and general servant hood services to the campus. 


Qualified, proven rhetoric level students may apply each May to serve as a PAideia DSC_6189intern the following school year. Internships provide unique opportunities to develop life skills such a time management, verbal and written communication, personal finances, scheduling, leadership qualities, DSC_6632balancing family life, student life, spiritual life and job responsibilities. 

Internships also develop professional skills such as teamwork, project management, accountability, interviewing, resume writing, professional relationships, managing people and resources, leadership, and teaching skills. Each intern is assigned a personal mentor and has assigned weekly responsibilities.

Parent Training includes

  • Annual Parent Conference

Each summer PAideia offers a multi- day conference for parent teacher training. This conference includes inteacher leagacytegration, overview of the year, practical ideas for implementation, and fellow- ship with the community of parents and teachers.

  • Web Resources

Videos, articles, internet resources, blogs, Parent Conferences archives
and regular workshops have produced volumes of training videos. The best of our accumulated speakers and student presentations are available on the website. Also available are faculty and staff blogs, a private Facebook page for questions and support, and educational articles shared via the internet.

  • “Java With Johnnie” and Leadership Lunches

Each week moms meet for an hour on campus with the administrative staff
to discuss lessons, questions, school developments, concerns, or any other current need in “Java With Johnnie.” In the once a month “Leadership Lunch” moms study management skills through a curriculum of books.

  • Quarterly Staff Meetings

goodie pic   All staff attend a day long staff meeting in the fall, winter, spring and summer. So much instruction in teaching techniques is given that parents are encouraged to come, too. The first part of the morning is invested in praying for the needs of students, families, teachers, PAideia overall, and individual campuses.



  • Subject-Specific Content Instruction

Scheduled live classes, conference calls or webinars and workshops give parents direction in how to discuss/ direct/evaluate current or upcoming assignments. These sessions include
a summary or overview of the skill or lesson, explanation of the objectives and what to look for in evaluation, and ample time for questions and answers.

  • Summer Parent Education

12049288_10207921884268765_2664135943783136537_nPACES provides a wide variety of workshops, from interpreting literature, to subjects like Latin or Logic, time and home management, cooking and couponing, teaching around babies and preschoolers, effective prayer time and Bible study, finances, personal goal setting and priorities, and avoiding burnout

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