The Spiritual Life of PAideia

PACES LOGO Heart copyKnowledge without knowing God is incomplete. Although we cannot judge a man’s spirit, we can evaluate the outward evidence of spiritual development. We do recognize that God alone imparts His Spirit and He alone pre- pares good works for each of us; PACES cooperates with His initiatives by providing direction and objectives.

What areas of spiritual development do we pursue? 

  • Reading the weekly Bible assignment and Window on the World
  • Reciting the weekly Bible verse 

  • Ability to apply growing Bible knowledge to real life needs 

  • Increasing in awareness of the needs of others and helping intuitively 

  • Seeking for help or asking for explanation of dif cult concepts from others – humility to learn from all 

  • Honoring the time and property of others 

  What is Chapel? 



 View More: Focus in Chapel

Time is taken during the day to center and focus with a with a quiet, meditative time before Chapel. Common activities include quiet reflection, prayer, singing, a devotional meditation, Scripture memory recitation, and responses from the Shorter Westminster Catechism. Some of these activities are student-led, allowing leadership abilities to emerge. 
In PAideia families read through assigned sections of the Bible together, pray for specific areas of the world, and memorize large sections of Scripture which we recite in concert during chapel. Some study groups like to read the Scripture lessons as part of their time together and work on memory verses as a group. 
Each week students recite the week’s memory verses to the Campus Administrator, who records their progress.

PAideia Awards882957_10152642650300527_489954192_o

Each year at the end of school PAideiarecognizes the students, faculty, staff and parents who have contributed to our school culture in ways that go beyond academic achievement. The recipients of these awardsmust be nominated by two distinct individuals, assuring that these qualities are appreciated by all, and each of these awards is not presented in any given year.546462_10150937706488707_2067164487_n







Who makes it all happen?

Parental guidance plays an essential rolein the spiritual maturation of children. Parents are challenged to help each child recognize and sharpen his or her particular abilities, and use them to God’s glory. The rearing of children often must be as unique and diverse as the children God has given us.

PACES focuses not only on the academic training of a child but assists parents in this individual training of the heart.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

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