We all have an "ideal" space and a "REAL" way we home school!

We all have an “ideal” space and a “REAL” way we home school!

11156116_10204582691502215_8186256547431037247_n 11049617_10206506283605697_4492374192214399602_n 11068046_10206506278605572_1727221950379273835_n 11082421_10153269366141667_6233118538612587700_o 10271436_10153269075531667_5400838515404376872_o 11146346_10153269071096667_4633488672388365584_oToday I am speaking on Organizing Your Time and Space for a successful home school year. I would love pictures and ideas of how you:
1. Plan and organize your time
2. Plan and organize your space
3. Plan and teach your children to organize their time and space for daily home school life!

PLEASE SUBMIT pics, links, ideas!

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