Philosophy & Policy 2

PACES Paideia Philosophy & Policy

The following should be read and discussed with student(s), and both parent(s) and student(s) should sign the last page.
All new parent(s) are required to interview with the Headmaster of their campus or a PAideia staff member. ALL new students will experience a Socratic Discussion.
A.  It is our understanding that PAideia will facilitate our home school experience. This facilitation will be in the form of planning classes, lectures, hands on activities,
quizzes, tests, informational meetings, and evaluations.
B.  Each student enrolled in classes must maintain a high level of integrity and class
C.  A desire for service to the community and other students is strongly encouraged. If a student has two off periods in one class day, one off period may be spent assisting in the Preschool or Elementary program or a parent may send other school work to be completed.


A. It is our responsibility as a parent and student to ensure that the work is done in a
timely, well organized and thorough manner.
B.  We are responsible for providing late work grades to the teacher's assistant. The
student will not be eligible to receive a perfect score for any late work.
C. Grades can be viewed on-line for levels.
D. If my student has a question concerning an assignment, s/he will Engrade the teacher or teaching assistant of the class.
E. Should a parent place his student at a higher level than PAideia recommends, that student will be on probation during quarter one. If the student is unable to do the work at the higher level, the student will then be placed at the recommended level for quarter two.
F. If my student fails to submit more than one homework assignment in any given week, I understand that I will receive notification of the missing assignment from the teaching assistant.
G. If my student fails to submit more than one homework assignment for a second consecutive week, I agree to discuss the matter, in person, with the teacher and make every effort to resolve the matter.
H. If my student fails to submit more than one homework assignment for a third consecutive week, I agree to attend a conference with an administrator and the teacher to discuss and resolve the matter.
I. Finally, I understand and agree that if my student fails to submit more than one homework assignment for a fourth consecutive week, the headmaster will remove my student from this class. The headmaster will then enroll my student in the same discipline (History, English, etc.) at a lower placement level.
A. Parent Meetings will be held in the months of October, January, March, and May; the specific dates will be announced through campus e-mail.
B. Parents must attend ALL Parent Meetings.
C. Parents are required to volunteer once per semester on campus, but are welcome to stay on campus all day each week.
V. ORIENTATION (required)
A. My student(s) and I will attend Campus Orientation Day to gather information, make class decisions, and complete any unfinished registration processes. In the event I cannot attend, I will send a responsible party in my place.
B. I understand that PAideia offers a Parent Conference in July or August before classes start and I attend as a part of the Orientation process.
C. I will complete a five question quiz concerning information from the conference before week three.
A. We understand CHAPEL is required of all students, staff, and teachers. This devotion is a time of focus and reverence for the student to begin the school day and he/she will honor it as such.
B. Student government members agree to assist in or lead chapel.
VII. RESPECT for host facility
A. My student(s) agrees to respect the property of the facility that PAideia has rented
for the school day.
B. My student(s) agrees to stay in the areas rented for PAideia use during the school
C. In the event my student is responsible for damage to the property, my student will pay for repairs.
VIII. AUDIO/VIDEO EQUIPMENT (i.e. iPods/iPads/iPhones, Cameras, MP3 players, etc.
(This section includes ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES)

A. No cell phones should be used on campus during the school day unless given permission from a staff member. To do so will cause confiscation of the equipment for the day; equipment will be held by the Campus Administrator.
B. Personal laptops, ipads, etc. are permissible, but must be used only for school related work; users must be approved by each instructor.
C. Electronic devices that enable the student to read and interact with the assigned
books for class will be allowed in class provided that:
 1. The device can be put into an "airplane mode" or a non-connected state. In
other words a device must be able to be un-tethered from the internet or cell
phone network;
 2. The device makes no audible sounds as pages are turned;
 3. The device can run on battery power and does not need to be plugged in;
 4. The device does not cause a distraction in the classroom as determined by
the teacher or teacher's assistant of said class.
D. The student is not allowed on social media on any device during the school day. This means no Facebook, no IM, no Snapchat, or Instagram, etc.
The first offense of breaking this policy will result in confiscation of the device and the student will be barred from using any device for the rest of the quarter. The device will be returned to the parent when requested. If there is a second offense, the student will not be allowed to use any device for the remainder of the school year.
F. Any teacher who feels the need to disallow the use of technological devices in his/her classroom can do so after written notice is expressed to the parents of that
particular class via Engrade or personal e-mail.


A. Should a student require medication during the school day, a note should be sent
from the parent to the Headmaster authorizing the student to have a prescription
drug in his/her possession.
B. Student will administer his/her own medication under the supervision of the
appointed campus staff member.
A.  Each Level A and above student is responsible for a citizenship job assigned by the Building Liaison or Headmaster.
B.  Citizenship chores must be completed each week before student leaves the campus.
C.  If a student fails to complete citizenship responsibilities two weeks in a row, I will be notified and billed $25 per week.
The intent of the dress code policy is to reduce individualism to help maintain a learning environment with limited distractions. It also insures a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance of students. The Headmaster has the authority to make final decisions when questions arise about the dress code. 

A.  Uniforms must be ordered from our uniform supplier, Land's End, The Land's End account is set up for Spring, Texas; Paideia
Classical Education; Acct #900141813.
Only approved styles are permitted.
B. All students must wear PAideia uniforms with the PAideia logo visible at all times. All shirts are to be tucked in while on campus.
C. Shorts, skirts, jumpers, and skorts must be knee length.
D. A belt must be worn within belt loops and cannot hang below the waistline.
E. Students are not allowed to wear uniform clothing that is too tight, too baggy, or
items with rips or holes.
F. Sweaters and sweatshirts with the PAideia logo can be worn on cold days or a long sleeved shirt may be worn under the student's polo.
G. No hats of any kind may be worn on school campus.
H. No flip-flops.
I. Neither facial piercing nor tattoos may be visible.
J. No extreme hair colors will be permitted.
K. No undergarments may be visible.
L. Students must remain in uniform while on campus.
M. Name tags must be worn by each student at all times while on campus. Lost or
damaged name tags must be replaced at a cost of $5 per name tag.
A. I understand that I am responsible for having internet access in order to collect
course assignments from the "Members Only" web page and receive the emails from
the PAideia Campus Administrator regarding the operation and events of PAideia and my campus.
B. If I have a question concerning campus events, I will contact the Campus
Administrator on my campus by phone or e-mail.
C. I agree that if I change my address, phone number, or e-mail address, I will complete the online Family Profile Changes form immediately. I understand that completion and submission of this form will serve as required notice to the Campus Administrator and the PACES Accountant.
D. I will be willing to learn new technology skills.
A. I understand and agree that my tuition includes one license for the use of intellectual property (the PROPERTY) contained on the PACES PAideia website, This license restricts use of the PROPERTY to my personal home education endeavors and strictly prohibits the use of the PROPERTY for profit. The PROPERTY includes (but is not restricted to) assignment syllabi, learning resources, teaching style helps, classroom and behavior management materials, and parent training materials. The term of this license is for the academic year.
B. I affirm that I will not reproduce or distribute this intellectual property for anyone other than the person(s) expressly designated in this contract.
C. I understand that if I choose to share the contents and intents of this intellectual property for anyone other than the person(s) designated in this contract, I am in violation of this contract and I agree to pay a fine not to exceed $10,000.
A. Schoolwork due during a planned absence should be provided to the teacher's
assistant prior to the due date of the assignment(s).
B.  Weekly study groups are strongly encouraged but are not mandatory. Students
work on assignments, discussion questions, composition editing, etc. Parent
questions are also discussed orally. The Study Group Coordinator will help students
find a study group.
Acts of MISCONDUCT for which the offending student is subject to removal from class include, but are not limited to the following behaviors:
A. Refusal to participate or co-operate in class activities
B. Violation of the school dress code
C. Tardiness
D. Cutting class
E. Fighting and improper physical contact
F. Displays of disrespect toward teachers, school staff, or other students
G. Stealing
H. Use of profane, obscene, indecent, immoral or offensive language and/or gestures
I. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics or illegal or unauthorized chemical substances.
J. Possession of firearm on campus.
K. Vandalism
L. Intimidation of students or PAideia staff
M. Inappropriate public displays of affection towards students of the opposite sex. This includes holding hands, kissing, hugging, or spending time separate from other
N. Inappropriate comments concerning the PACES program, staff, or students on social media sites.
O. Failure to turn in homework assignments for three consecutive weeks without prior notice from parents.
P. Three consecutive absences in one semester without prior notice from parents.
Q. Violation of Intellectual Property License Agreement.

CONSEQUENCES of misconduct will include but are not limited to the following:
If the student fails to meet the requirements, the student will be required to pay the
remainder of the semester's tuition, receive an "incomplete' in the course for the
semester, and be expelled for the remainder of the semester. No credit will be given
for the semester the student was dismissed.

To be reinstated after a suspension, the student and parent(s) must meet with the Campus Headmaster.
XI. TUITION AND FEES (Parents only)
A. Registration fee is non-refundable.
B. I understand that the overhead expenses of the school do not diminish with the departure of some students during the course of an academic year. I understand that my obligation to pay the tuition and fees for the academic year is non-refundable after the first day of classes.
C. At the discretion of the campus headmaster, my obligation for second semester tuition for additional paid elective classes only may be waived. This consideration is offered for families who may find their overall commitment too great and who need to adjust their students workload at mid-year. This consideration is not automatic and will only be considered if notice of the intent to withdraw from the additional electives for the second semester is communicated in writing to the campus headmaster in a timely manner. The notice will be considered timely if it is delivered, in writing, to the headmaster no later than December 1 of the fall semester.
E. If withdrawal during a semester is due to an unusual hardship, such as an employment transfer or illness, I may apply for a partial forbearance of the semester's tuition obligation.
F. Withdrawal of a student is not complete until after an Exit Interview with the Headmaster or his/her representative.
G. No changes in class level or electives will be made without prior approval from the headmaster. Change requests are to be made via the online Course Drop/Add form.  This form will be forwarded to the Headmaster for approval. Upon the Headmaster's approval, the form will be forwarded to the Registrar and Accountant for processing.
H. PAideia has one planned major fundraiser during the school year and as a partner in education, I agree to contribute resources to this event, such as volunteering, financial contributions, etc.
I. I have read and hereby agree to pay according to the above written PACES' PAideia Philosophy and Policy statement.

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