It is the end of the year… we remember that many of us…
Read 36 books this since August
(For my list see my Goodreads account)

Read a newspaper most days
(Mine was the Wall Street Journal…what was yours?)

Read at least two magazines per month
(Success and Relevant–with an occasional Texas Monthly thrown in)

Read some professional journals
(American Educational Research Journal and American Poetry Journal)

Listened to at least 40 sermons
(Most in person!)

Listened to 100 podcasts
(Mine are random…what are yours?)

Listened to lots of speeches
(An election year…what can you say?)

Listened to 30 books on tape
(My addiction)

Watched 80 YouTube videos
(Conservative estimates are best)

Watched at least three whole TV series through
Thank you modern technology for allowing me to binge watch these things!

Information junkies? YOU THINK?

Yesterday I realized that I was ALONE in the car in SILENCE.

What to do?


Processing all that info can be exhausting….and useless without time to apply and correct what we are doing.

Before the busy summer hits: REFLECT. Take one day…or one hour to process all that God has done for you this year.

Drink deeply from the lessons learned and mistakes made. Get curious about what made this #bestyearever.

Determine NOW to make August 2016-May2017 everything you experience that fulfilled your goals and dreams. With that in mind….

Although 2015-2016 was the #bestyearever 2016-2017 can be #evenbetter

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