Annual Registration Fee

$225 – 1st Student Upon Registration
$175 – 2nd Student Upon Registration
$550 – Family Cap Registration

Annual Tuition Rates for the 2017-2018 School Year

$5,000 – First Child
5% Discount for Second Child
10% Discount for Third Child and on

Pre-K – $2,500

Refund Policies

All tuition and fees at PACES Paideia Classical School are based on an estimated cost of providing the educational services of the program to all enrolled students. By signing and returning an enrollment contract, we reserve a place for your child (as class space is available) and you pledge to PACES Paideia Classical School that you will pay the costs indicated in order that we may meet the budget of the program. We employ faculty and staff members in accordance with the number of students enrolled and must honor those staff contracts whether or not a student withdraws from the academy.

If you decide to withdraw your student after the 2nd full week of the fall semester, you are still responsible for the full year’s tuition.

There are no tuition refunds after the first week of classes in any given semester. Requests for such refunds must be made directly to the Headmaster, and will be reviewed by the Board.


Registration Fees

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