Waiver of Liability

We [I] give our [my] child, (named below) permission to participate in all activities of PAIDEIA CLASSICAL EDUCATION classes, a service of Parent and Child Education Services (PACES). We [I] will not hold the organization, the host facility, nor any individual responsible for injury by [to] our [my] child during this time.

We [I] further give permission for our [my] child (named above) to ride with an adult driver to and from field trips. Both parents please sign below:

We [I] agree to allow our [my] grammar-level child to play outside during lunch and breaks with the following stipulations:

* Our [my] student will not play outside unless accompanied by a staff member or parent volunteer.

* Our [my] child is aware of our [my] decision as his/her parent(s) regarding outside play on campus and understands that s/he will lose privileges if s/he does not abide by the stipulations above.

* We [I] will assume full responsibility for any damages to the host facility and equipment, PACES equipment, or private property due to the actions of our [my] child.

* We [I] will not hold PACES, the host facility, nor any individual responsible for any injury incurred by our [my] child during this time.

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