PACES PAideia Classical Education is a homeschool program in The Woodlands Tx that encompasses much more than academic acquisition. In partnership with you, PACES PAideia attends to the whole child by nourishing and supporting each child’s spiritual, social, emotional, and academic needs through our:

  • Academic Program
  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Education
  • Culture Changing Training
  • Community Fellowship

Daily at home, twice per week at a campus location, and once per week at “study group,” PACES PAideia Classical Program students are encouraged to continually challenge themselves to learn and apply truths to their own lives, then to challenge other students and their educators to apply their knowledge for cultural improvement. Students anticipate difficult discussions concerning philosophies of history, science, politics, and theology. Socratic discussions, bantering ideas between parents, students, educators, and siblings become common table conversations and daily activities. Improving culture occurs when students apply their deepening worldview ideas to their community services projects, vocational choices, and leisure activities.

All classical programs focus on a systematic procedure for teaching facts, logic and rhetoric; PACES PAideia Classical Program intentionally adds the weight of committed, informed parents as the primary, deliberate influencers on young scholars.
We provide structure and content through completely integrated curriculum, along with support and direction for you, the parents. The family remains the dynamic, life-giving, perspective-creating element that sparks enthusiasm and breathes vigor into subjects.
No program or staff can equal the family in effectual influence of children; PACES PAideia Classical Program therefore purposefully weaves the family’s interaction into each objective and goal. It is my pleasure, as Director, to welcome your family and serve you in Christ. We are here to support your entire family in this journey.

Many Blessings,
Dr. Johnnie K. Seago
Director, PACES PAideia Classical Program
Soli Deo Gloria

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